Umbrella Insurance

People may not know the importance of umbrella insurance. Therefore, they may not think it is necessary. However, it is crucial to have if you think about it in different terms. Umbrella insurance can help protect you if, for example, you are found at fault in a car accident that involved multiple vehicles and many people were injured. Our goal at Integrity Insurance Agency is to protect you past your standard policies' limits.

Is umbrella insurance required?

There are no requirements for umbrella insurance besides having a standard homeowner or vehicle insurance prior. It is not mandatory to have, but it is highly recommended if you have many assets to protect, especially if someone files a lawsuit against you.

Umbrella Insurance Coverage

The type of coverage you choose under your umbrella insurance policy will be based on your own needs. It is designed to extend the liability coverage that you already have. An extra layer of protection is added to your watercraft, auto, homeowners, renters, or even condominium insurance policy limits.

Most importantly, it covers property damage liability and bodily injury. It also covers legal fees. There are instances where umbrella insurance operates as your first line of protection, depending on the type of coverage you choose. It is available as a stand-alone option as well.

It is highly recommended for people who:

  • Have savings and assets that accumulated
  • Have plans to save money and earn income in the future
  • Own rental properties
  • Travel out of the country often
  • An inheritance is in the future
  • Saving up for a significant purchase


To obtain a quote for an umbrella insurance policy, please visit our Integrity Insurance Agency today.  We look forward to meeting your needs and finding an umbrella policy that suits your unique situation.