Renters Insurance

While you may not own property in the state, everything you own in the dwelling you are renting is yours and should be protected. This is why our agents at Integrity Insurance Agency want to help you get complete protection with renters’ insurance in the event of a disaster.

Comprehensive Protection

As someone renting a property, anything that you have brought into the home, such as your furniture, appliances, and any other items of value, can be protected in the event of a theft or burglary. While your landlord has the policy to protect the structure, anything stolen is not covered by their coverage.

Liability Coverage

This is also true when it comes to liability. If you have guests over at your home and they are hurt while there, you could be found responsible for medical expenses. Without renters’ insurance, you cannot get the financial coverage you need, forcing you to cover these costs out of your pocket. This is especially true when the landlord can prove that the damage was your fault as a renter, or you have an agreement absolving them of any lawsuits.

Relocation Expenses

If the property you are renting suffers damage and needs to be repaired, you may have to relocate for a few days or even for an extended period until the renovation is complete. During this time, you will generate expenses for rooms and rentals and any other expenses related to the relocation. With your renter's insurance policy, you can be reimbursed for these expenses when they are submitted under the relocation claim of your policy.

Get The Coverage You Need

If you rent an apartment, townhouse, or even a single-family home, we need to speak to you about your personal renter's insurance quote. Contact our agents at Integrity Insurance Agency today for more information.